How to Design a Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Reality:

3 months before you start the renovation – create a to do list!

  • 5  Things to do to begin….
  • 12 things to do…. 25 things to do …

How do you begin? What are the priorities? Where do you start?

When designing a bathroom, the first thing you need to do is to have a jumping off point.  It is important to keep an open mind – it can be anything that inspires you, from a decorative mosaic tile to a beautiful onyx, or a room photo that inspires you to begin the design of your bathroom.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

What colors are adjacent to the bathroom?  How does your idea correlate with the overall feel of the home?

What textures/finishes are in the remainder of the home and are directly related?  Is this a timeless style that you will enjoy for years? This color scheme/style should be current for over 15 years, so make sure it’s not entirely trendy.


For instance you can begin with an onyx countertop and a colorful glass sink.

Onyx Countertops

These steps will help to guide you through the process.  The first selection should be the flooring.  The most common flooring material in a bathroom is tile or marble.


Design a Floorplan:

  • Establish your needs, do you need two sinks? A Bidet? Tub or Shower only? Accessible Shower? What are your desires?

  • Start with a floor plan first – layout all fixtures:

  • Shower location – will the size remain or will it be enlarged?

  • Tub location and size

  • Vanity location and size

  • Toilet location (privacy)

  •  Note: Some restrictions may apply – ask your contractor


Bathroom Design Layout
Bathroom Design Layout
  • Select Floor Tile:

    • Choose a tile/marble
    • Draw floor tile designs/select decorative accents if applicable

HZ Gulfshore-18

  • Design the Shower:

    • Find the main tile for the shower and review application (vertical/horizontal)
    • Possibly find an inspirational tile which complements the main tile – where will you use it? Back wall? Maybe just an accent. (It can be glass/stone/metal in a mosaic form or otherwise)
    • Select shower floor tile – slip resistance might be important here
    • Choose a shape for corner seat/bench and surface such as quartz
    • Choose location/size for the soap niches (indented into walls)
    • Choose Frameless glass shower doors and applicable hardware and shower door handle (choose finish: stainless/polished nickel, etc. )
    • Choose Shower Hardware and finish (brushed nickel/gold/polished)
      • shower head and type
      • add handheld attachment if applicable
      • shower control and type
      • Draw shower designs considering chosen materials and its application
Tile Design
Tile Design

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  • Cabinetry: Choose a finish

    • Choose standard vanities if space allows
    • Or Select custom cabinetry from a Kitchen/Bath retailer
    • Select a door profile – is maintenance important or does style prevail?
    • Choose finish – is it a wood tone, painted, glazed or distressed? If glazed, the glaze must catch some crevices (meaning a flatter door does not glaze well)
    • Choose countertop material and edge detail (more on countertops – READ MORE…
    • Choose Cabinetry hardware & finish (coordinate with other finishes)

Cabinetry Finishes

  • Choose Plumbing -Sinks, Faucets, etc:

    • Select sink style and color (under mount, or vessel or other )
    • Choose sink shape (round, rectangular, abstract, oval)
    • Find faucets Single Handle/Dual/(Coordinate finish)


  • Select Mirrors:

    • Custom Framed mirrors
    • Or Wall hung standard in exact sizing
    • Alternate to use medicine cabinets as mirrors (such as below)


  • Address Lighting and Electrical:

    • Choose ceiling lighting
    • Bath Lighting – inserted into mirrors, or above (if bath is small, to instantly enlarge the space make the mirrors as large as possible and frame them in).
    • Choose electrical location – height/size & determine size – 2 or 3 light fixtures?)
    • Or Optional – vertical lights built into the mirror (choose location and height)
    • Exhaust fan and light/heat light in bathroom
    •  Exhaust fan and light/heat light in shower

HZ Longshore-91

  • Choose Your Plumbing

    • Hands free faucets? Try out the function for comfort.
    • Select a toilet and color – is it wall hung – this requires more serious plumbing
    • Bath – Jacuzzi? Freestanding? Built-in?
    •  Explore your showering requirements: Body sprays showering systems by Kohler? Rainhead? Hand-held showering?
Shower Plumbing
Shower Plumbing

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  • Bathroom Decorative Hardware – Select style to complement plumbing fixtures:

    • Towel bars – determine size and placement
    • Towel Rings/Hooks
    • Toilet paper holder


  • Wall Finish

    • Don’t forget the finishing details, as the walls are the glue to the entire design.
    • Choose/finalize the exact shade of the paint color
    • Or Select a Faux finish or Wall-covering (consider humidity levels)


  • Architectural Features:

  • Window Treatment:

    • Choose water resistant window solution – Shutters or Glass art?
    • Ceiling Treatments


  • Other Considerations:

    • Instant hot water heater
    • Heated floors
    • Towel warmers


No Slip Mat
No Slip Mat

NOTE: Now that we have a plan of action, first of all you will need to draw any shower and floor tile designs, using the decorative tiles chosen (Click here to read more…..).


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