Heddy Z Designs – The Best of the Best When it Comes to Naples Interior Decorators

Naples Interior Decorators“An interior is not successful unless it isa comfortable, functional and beautiful version of the client’s own individual style.”
– Heddy A Zubrowski, Allied Member of ASID


Does your home need a  creative boost but you’re not sure where to start? What you need is an experienced and trusted interior decorating company in Naples. If you want a special, personalized touch from a design expert, look no further than Heddy Z Designs. You will be stunned with how beautiful your home can look and your guests will be amazed  by your Naples remodel.


About Heddy Z Designs – 25 Years of Expertise and Passion



Heddy Z Designs was founded by Heddy A. Zubrowski, an Allied Member of ASID, who has been a Registered Interior Designer since 1991. Heddy is well respected both among her clientele and among other Naples decorators as an expert who utilizes her creative eye and passion for design in every project. Heddy takes the experience she has gathered over her 25 years as one of the best Naples interior decorators and her natural passion to take her clients’ dreams and make them a reality. Perhaps most importantly, Heddy can understand her client’s vision even if they aren’t able to fully describe it themselves, creating beautiful rooms that are even better than imagined. Contact Heddy today to bring her exquisite attention to detail and quality style into your home.


Many people see interior design as a complicated technical art form. To better educate her clients and the world in general, Heddy created a blog called “Ask Heddy”, where website visitors can submit questions and enjoy Heddy’s humorous and witty writing style, not to mention her expert design advice. You won’t find this unique feature on the websites of any other Naples decorators. Blog topics cover design challenges, design solutions, hard to find exclusive furnishings and accesories. The most amazing part of this unique communication is that Heddy will spend the time to educate the reader about all the nuances of bathroom and kitchen designs, condo and home remodeling and design solutions.  Heddy is excited to share her intellectual property and showcase various ways to accomplish difficult design challenges. If you ask Heddy why she created this communication portal, she will say, “You get a certain level of  satisfaction helping clients bring concepts and ideas to life and creating spaces where they can enjoy for years to come. During the process  we are building credibility and more importantly…a relationship.”

In addition to questions and answers, Heddy offers insight into many different design topics and recommends beautiful products that will create that “wow” aspect everyone is looking for. If you’re looking for Naples, Florida interior decorators but you have questions, take a look at the “Ask Heddy” blog for inspiration and advice.


Naples Interior Decorators vs. Interior Designers – What’s the Difference?

The terms “interior decorator” and “interior designer” are often used interchangeably. They are not quite the same, however, and this is what sets Heddy Z’s designs apart from other Naples, Florida interior decorators. Interior design involves understanding human behavior to help create a functional yet beautiful space. Decorating involves furnishing a space to look aesthetically pleasing and fashionable.

In short, many interior decorators don’t have the design capabilities of designers. Registered Florida Interior Designers can work on commercial projects, where as interior decorators are limited to residential installations as they are not licensed to specify the reconfiguration of any interior walls in a residence like an interior designer is able to.

When it comes to interior decorators, Naples, FL offers several options, but there’s only one interior designer that can truly transform your space that will both structurally and aesthetically enhance your quality of life. Under the “Heddy Z” tab, check out Heddy’s portfolio to see the true power of interior design.

Feng Shui – The Art of Furniture Placement

If you feel like your furniture and decor is draining your energy or you get a sense of uneasiness by being in a specific room, Heddy can help. With the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient art form dating back more than 3,000 years and originating in China, Heddy is able to make your room feel comfortable and serene. It’s not every interior decorating company in Naples that will utilize the art of furniture placement to enhance your home. The goal of Feng Shui is to find balance and bring positive energy into your home through a balance of elements and an ideal layout. Heddy’s expertise and creative intuition will ensure that your space will make you feel wonderful. Visit Heddy Z Designs on Facebook to see examples of Feng Shui in action and stay up to date on new designs.

Don’t let your home bring you down any longer. Get in touch with highly acclaimed and talented designer Heddy Z today at 239-437-1000 to beautify your living space.